May 28, 2007

peter the 3rd

"I've been up here all night—thinking about this, thinking about my destiny."

~peter petrelli [heroes]


LucAnAku' said...

ang lalim...

nung line na 'yon...

AL said...

:) I do not spend my time thinking about my destiny. I am too practical. I hope you are too. I think that we should live by the day and try to work on our destiny.

Ferdz said...

Oh yeah! Heroes ayus. Sarap mag muni muni sa MOA ano?

mimi said...

to lucanaku:

hehe.. talaga? kasi parang sila ung characters sa "heroes"..

to al:

yup.. i do..

to ferdz:

it's one of my fave! mejo na hook.. kaya ayun.. di ko po kilala ang mga subject ko.. shoot lang ako ng shoot..