Apr 21, 2015

Bicol Side Trip

View from Lignon Hill

After a photography gig in Northern Samar, a friend suggested that we should try to have a side trip in Bicol, as well as to take photos of the Mayon Volcano. We spent the night in a room only for two and jammed 5 of us on 2 single beds! Plus the fact that we ran out of clean clothes in the middle of the trip. So we are left with no other option, but to wear the ones we did on Northern Samar. Thats what you get when you're on the road for more than 24hrs.

Captured by Kuya Guide , thanks jpd


Old typewriter inside the Japanese tunnel, Lignon Hill

jap and migs

Apr 18, 2015

Samar Wedding Gig

Apr 12, 2015

Shin's Photoshoot

Mar 18, 2015

Mt. Romelo

It really amazed me on how they put up this swing for the kid. 

View from Mount Romelo

Batya Batya falls is one of the challenging to reach because we would swim on a sort of a lake before you could climb to the top. 
(C) jpd
*This was an outreach and a medical mission climb. I’m not that comfortable most of the time posting pictures of the beneficiaries. 

Mar 8, 2015

Flower and Garden Show

Location: Quezon City Circle

It is nice feeling being surrounded by colorful flowers. I hope someday I could have my own garden especial a bunch of rare cactus collection. Maybe I could propagate and earn something from it.

Feb 15, 2015

Travel Expo

I and my two friends went to this travel expo at SMX moa where we drooled on the possible next destinations of our adventure. These were the things that gave us the high and set more goals in life. This may sound crazy but we really have this itch in our soles. So whenever we have the chance to travel or we have enough bucks to spend ~ we go for it.

I wish it’s my bakery.  Their puto ube taste so good. . believe me… it’s addicting the first time I ate years years ago. And their bakery is just  near where I used to live in Mandaluyong City

I asked them to take a picture of me with the poster, just because the idea makes me laugh… and I miss Sagada too. 

(c) jpd