Sep 22, 2008

Graphika Manila 2008

Last saturday, my brother and I attended the one of my most awaited events of the year. I always look forward on this event. I believe that somehow this would make me inspired and awe with the works of the masters of graphics. It is a conference and a gathering of people, as what I know with “the same ideals” in life. Ideals and aim to express oneself through graphics.

That day was my second time to attend it and the best lesson I’ve learned came from Robert Alejandro was:

“Be a part of the solution.”

He shared that the “Art is-kool” stopped airing on 1994 and left the Probe team to work abroad… with a VERY GOOD PAY. But he came back after some months and realized he could do something more in our country.

Money really can’t buy everything. Even you have everything, but when you’re not enjoying with what you’re doing, nothing will happen.. it will be just a routine and nothing more.

He believes that graphic artist can do something; he is not really saying that you don’t have to leave the Philippines but to realize that there is more to do here. [pro bono, charity works, etc.. something for a cause.]

[projects of Acid house]

The organizer also invited Kristophe Vergne of Pixar Animation, who talked how they produced those 3d films especially the “Ratatoille”. Acid house, talked about how they got the projects from ABS-CBN and etc. Collision theory, shared something about their commissioning and freelancing jobs. Simone Legno, on how he created his characters and made a business out of it.

[Robert Alejandro, Caliph8 and Aj of Collision theory, Kristophe Vergne of Pixar,
Simone Legno of Tokidoki, Pauline Vicencio and Ivan Despi of Acid House]

All in all.. it was a fully loaded inspiration and wisdom!

*by the way.. this is also known as the gathering of the weirdos... you know what i mean.. just kidding.. ^_^

Sep 19, 2008


Since I was a kid I am so fascinated with this kind of house… I remember we had our own hut but without stairs… but my Aunts and Lola built another one for keeping some other things purposes… there, I played alone because no one lives there. I put my toys on the “bangerahan” (I don’t know how others call it.. it’s like a kitchen) and would pretend cooking and washing clothes alone, sometimes with my younger cousin or little bro or the kid in our neighborhood.

I felt like that I was home inside the hut. The breeze of the air was deferent, the coolness of the floor, the creaking sound of the bamboo… I love those things… and I am still wishing that I could own one standing beside the beach.

Few days ago a fellow deviant artist asked me to sign up on their forum KUBO

Here’s how they defined the KUBO FORUM:

“Bahay KUBO kahit munti ang halaman roon ay sari sari…”

The name KUBO was derived from a famous Filipino Folk song “Bahay Kubo” which became an inspiration to a dream of unity and shelter different forms of expressive art forms from traditional art to contemporary digital art. Kubo not just shelter for Filipino Natives artist but also explore and collaborate with other nationality. Kubo is a home for anyone who wants to share and learn from everybody. Respecting each other’s individual beliefs. [ more ]

Sep 18, 2008


A candid shot... while waiting for the boat heading to the Hundred Islands.

Sep 15, 2008


"Sometimes I wonder why sunset is more colorful than sunrise. I guess it's an irony of life. Sometimes, better things could really happen in saying goodbye." ~ a text message