Oct 30, 2008

spur of the moment

This had been on my mind since the day I found myself not “that really” scared of the dark… These shots were done after the pseudo product shoot for the site I’m currently doing.

I lit up 20 little candles that were supposed to be our stock should there be power interruptions.. I got scared too!!!

I was the only human species awake in the neighborhood during that time. felt the cold wind that was a bit cold however, I was sweating.

I had to put off the fan and the light… geez… and I didn’t notice the sun is starting to rise…

*those objects were presents from my mom (wooden box) , ex-officemates (sanrio figures) and best bud (the scary doll).

Oct 8, 2008


in disguise...

I had an odontectomy last September 22. It took 3 hours to slice my gums, cut some bones just to take that historical impacted wisdom tooth and stitched the gums. It was a shocking experience. I never had a surgery in my entire life. Even I’ve been in and out from the hospital on my younger years; I never experienced being stitched wide awake…. Good Lord I survived the three-hour ordeal..

I thought I’ll be having a trip to heaven that day. The doctor even prayed before the procedure. God knows how scared I was. I feel so blessed of having a surgeon like her.

While trying to recuperate, for a few days I watched some movies, anime and tv series… one of those was House M.D. these lines caught my attention, on Season 1- Episode 9:

John Henry Giles: How many of those pills you take in?
Dr. House: I’m in pain.
John Henry Giles: Aren’t we all?

*John is an outgoing patient and Dr. House is a pain reliever dependent due to his leg injury. He feels pain most of the time.