Nov 26, 2009

black ribbon

Sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa ng mga biktima ng patayang naganap sa Maguindanao.

Aug 5, 2009


May you rest in peace... Paalam po...
Maraming salamat...

Hindi ko maalala kung saang kuha itong larawan pero sa tingin ko sa Manila ito (sa mga pahanong canceled ang mga flights)... Suot ng tiyahin ko ang damit na may larawan ng dating Pangulong Corazon C. Aquino. Bigay sa kanya ng isa ko pang tiyahin na pumunta sa Malacanang na nagdala ng pagkain para sa mga sundalo... at! kasama ang Mama ko (umakyat sa gate... sa panahong di makalabas ang mga tao sa Malacanang)... Habang ang Papa ko naman ay nasa probinsya ng Capiz- Roxas City nakikibaka mairaos ang snap election bilang chairman ng Namfrel sa barangay namin..

ehem... iba talaga ang impluwensya ng pamilya...

*first part palang po itong tribute ko, mejo naghukay ng baul mahanap ang mga pictures... sa ngayon, ang Tiyahin kong naka suot ng t-shirt ay nagsisilbi bilang konsehal sa barangay namin sa probinsya. sa tingin ko sinusundan nya ang yapak ng yumaong pangulo sa kanyang mumunting paraan... malinis at marangal...

May 26, 2009


I have the tendency of being a “turtle”… sometimes I lurk and sometimes I make my self present in everything, social gathering, get together, internet matters and etc. Some have noticed I am not roaming around the cyber space again and my absence made them sort of worried… I am thankful and feel blessed having those people… (andrama) ^_^

In God’s grace I’m getting better and hoping to cope up with everything… I am hopeful that I will be back on the circulation sooner! With the help of my family, close friends and the magic of the science of medicine. I feel so blessed that I’m on my way to the journey I was looking (searching) for ages to appreciate the beauty of this complicated and challenging world.

I think I was really born to visit different hospitals from time to time. When I was a child I can’t count how many times I was admitted and treated with different illness with lots of needles and antibiotics… (most of it I cant remember)… from acute laryngotracheobronchitis, tonsillitis (that was suspected leading to rheumatic heart that’s why I have to be injected every month with a painful needles and sticky fluid to prevent it!!!), gastritis, gastroenteritis, allergic rhinitis, allergies (etc), amoebiasis, anemia, astigmatism with near-sightedness, bitten by a dog, bitten by a cat. whew! These are just few of the tragedies I’ve gone through… and I am still alive! Glad I found out what I have right now is neither fatal nor contagious… amen!

As what they’ve said “No pain no gain”… but I lose weight and did not gain!!! Hehe… good thing!

I guess I’m not immune being on earth.. just kidding.. ^_^ I might be healthy living on Mars… Just this month I got a flu vaccine (thanks to my mom who injected me), just in case…you know, the immunity thing…

Have a wonderful life everyone! ^_^

May 17, 2009

sa wakas!

Sa tagal ng pag aantay ko kasama pa ang ibang mga taga hanga nya... sa WAKAS may kopya narin ako ng libro ni Mr. Bob Ong!

Kahapon ni pick-up ko ang order ko sa isang moderator ng "bobongpinoy yahoo groups" dahil mabibili ng mga taga "groups" ang libro sa murang halaga... 140php lang at 175php sa mga bookstore... hindi ako active sa yahoogroups, "lurker" lang ako doon pero ng makita kong pede mag order.... di na ako nagdalawang isip...

maikling kwento:
Noong nasa koleheyo pa ako may isang akong profesor na nag-suggest ng libro ni Mr. Bob na "ABNKKBSNPLAko?".... di ko noon pinansin ang sinabi nya pero na curious na ako, hangang sa na graduate na ako at sya naman ay "pinatalsik" daw... hmmm.... Kakaibang profesor talaga sya dahil may pagka "makibaka aura" ang kanyang dating pero gusto ko ang pamamaraan ng pagturo nya na parang "homeschooling style", parang read and write about your topic.. yun lang...

Pagkatapos ko ng koleheyo, may nagpahiram sa akin ng
"ABNKKBSNPLAko?" hangang sa nagmukha akong baliw sa kakatawa at naalala ang kabataan ko, at hangang sa nabili ko na lahat ang mga libro nya ng sunod sunod. Ang iba durog na dahil hinihiram ng isa, tapos diko na alam kung sino pa ang humiram... ang iba nawala tapos pinalitan ng bago...

Stainless Langonisa ang pinaka paborito ko, dahil nabasa ko ito ng sobra sa dalawang beses....
Hindi ako mahilig sa magbasa at late bloomer ako sa pagbabasa ng mga libro, pero kung may mga author na kagaya nya na hinihimok ang mga tao / istudyante magbasa, mag-aral, magsikap, mamulat sa kapaligiran, sa politika, sa corruption at kung anu anu pa... sinong aayaw sa pagbabasa? Kahit hindi istudyante, kahit lola, lola, lolo, nanay, tatay, auntie, uncle, elementary students kayang basahin ang nilalaman ng libro nya... madalas makakarelate dito ang mga bagets ng 80's... promise... mga kasabayan ng aunties ko... hehehe...

yun lang...

*pasensya na po di ako nakakaikot sa ibang blog... babalik ako promise!


May 1, 2009


[korean sago for plants daw]

Today is the 4th year existence of my photoblog…

Today we are also celebrating the labor day… the longest weekend… and the whatever…

Today, according to some is supposed to be the release of the 7th book of Bob Ong, “Kapitan Sino?”… asaang bookstore ito lalabas? Dahil puro coming very soon palang nakikita ko…

Here's the latest teaser vid from the publisher:

Before I forget…

Today I will be also a “sort” of launching my site, just a small venture:

Apr 24, 2009


sometimes when you're tired you don't know what to do... ^_^

Apr 21, 2009

Jan 27, 2009

sun down

I took this picture beside MOA. There's a little obstruction from an
unknown's arm... di ako makadiskarte sa sun.. ^_^

"I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun"
~Jacob on Eclipse

Jan 22, 2009


a picture can paint a thousand words

the new look of white house site:
cool! that's all i can say... ^_^

Jan 20, 2009

twilight thing

Who among you have not been hit by the waves of “twilight saga”?

I won’t raise my hand.

Before the movie was released a friend told me about this book because it’s “a must read kind of a book”. I was about to have the book in exchange of the commissioned work I’ve done. The sad thing is, it was out of stock. I don’t have any choice but to read it on screen… pdf. ;)) [you know what I mean.. I also have the audiobook]

We got this ticket from our Tita in our church, who is not into this kind of movie.

*I'm still using - there's something wrong with my codes..sorry for the numerous post

Jan 13, 2009

out of roads

A few days ago I stumbled on a photoblog of a foreigner named Sydney, who loves capturing the beauty of our land called the Philippines. I also recalled an Mtv of a song I saw, made by JesCom while browsing the photos of his “railway project – specifically PNR”.

Here’s the link of the Mtv and the English version of the song. Mtv song

Out of roads
Music by: Arnel Dc Aquino sj . Lyrics: Johnny Go sj
Arranger: Arnel Dc Aquino Sj . Performer: Veepee Pinpin

I just run out of roads again
Don't know where to turn
I started counting stars again
Then I lost my way

I just ran out of time again
Will I ever learn?
To stop my chase of hours again
Only to learn I've lost the day?

The last thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I'll need to go home soon, I know
But maybe tomorrow, not now
When the last thing I need here and now
Is the lasting need for You

I've been rushing out of rooms again
Too afraid to stay
I've been dreaming of some rainbow's end
But the colors melt away

Should my heart be like an open door
Helpless to the storm
Permit Your wind to touch my soul
Only to leave this aching song?

The last thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I'll need to go home soon, I know
But maybe tomorrow, not now
When the last thing I need here and now
Is the lasting need for You

The one thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I need to go home soon to You
Won't wait for tomorrow, right now
Is this haunthing need for You
This haunting need for You

*I’ve tried surfing for the lyrics of this song but I found none. So I decided to look for the tape [Something More: Song for Skeptics] I had while I was in college and it has a copy of the lyrics.

Jan 9, 2009


Being born having a congenital sweet tooth I can’t resist making some desserts for the indulgence of our new year. It wasn’t my first time to make a ref cake but this is another experiment with the strawberry flavor because I added a “raspberry” gelatin powder [just to add more berry berry taste] and a bottle of strawberry jam.

Jan 8, 2009

pseudo polaroid

Just found a new software that can produce a Poloroid-like images… it’s was amazing! You just have to drag the photo to the “polaroid icon” then walaa… You have your own pseudo Polaroid pic.. it is printable too!

If you want to try it… download the free software on this site:

Jan 4, 2009


Today “we” are celebrating the feast of epiphany or the feast of the three wise men. They were the men who journeyed to see the Messiah in Bethlehem and offered some presents.

Our Stars… and on getting lost.

Sometimes no matter how eager we are to follow the rules and no matter how we tried to walk in the right track still we get lost. We have tried so hard to follow the stars, but then…

In those personal catastrophes, when no one is lighting our path and we thought no one is lighting it we felt so miserable... helpless… But in those instances when we thought we’re in the abyss of darkness we just forget that the star is still there... lighting our path.. Waiting for us to stand up again after we fell on our knees and follow it just like what the three Magi did who continued the journey despite of everything.

As the writer of the Impossible Dream said:

“This is my quest… to follow the stars.. no matter how hopeless no matter how far…”

*I never thought this lyric is somewhat a religious and at the same time political.