Jan 22, 2009


a picture can paint a thousand words

the new look of white house site:
cool! that's all i can say... ^_^


paoruiz said...

this set is really nice. galing ng concept ha. =)

Sidney said...

OBAMA... ;-)

Dennis Villegas said...

Nice idea, Mimi! I love the way you thought about this! Congrats to our new President Obama! (hehehe..feeling ko kasi presidente ko rin siya)

the donG said...

you're very artistic! it's not just the way you captured it but the concept. this can be used as an advocacy poster.

mimi said...

to pau:

to sidney:
=) yeah...

to dennis:

congrats to our new president.. hehe kulet ;))

to dong:

ey thanks!
hmmm.. maybe...

kc cordero said...

perfect 10!

Anonymous said...

Love. That's all I can say.

That, and I still feel as if I'm in a dream. A lovely dream. =]

mimi said...

to kc:
hehe.. tnx!

to clovice:

yeah.. lovely dream... thanks!