Jan 20, 2009

twilight thing

Who among you have not been hit by the waves of “twilight saga”?

I won’t raise my hand.

Before the movie was released a friend told me about this book because it’s “a must read kind of a book”. I was about to have the book in exchange of the commissioned work I’ve done. The sad thing is, it was out of stock. I don’t have any choice but to read it on screen… pdf. ;)) [you know what I mean.. I also have the audiobook]

We got this ticket from our Tita in our church, who is not into this kind of movie.

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Dennis Villegas said...

Hi Mimi,
thaks for visiting my blog. I have already linked you to my blogroll for easier visiting!
Btw, you have very nice set of photos!


Sidney said...

I like your photography... are those Polaroids?

I need to check if I linked you already...if not I will do so soon.

the donG said...

i didnt had the chance to watch or at least read the book. poor me.

Photo Cache said...

It's very nice of you to check out my photos. I have not seen the movie nor read the book but I am waiting for it go out in DVD. I have read mixed reviews about the movie tho' so I have to see it for myself first.

mimi said...

to dennis:
thanks so much! just added you to my list.

to sidney:
it not a real polaroid... i am using 's software..

thanks in advance!

to dong:
you can try some other time.. ^_^

byter said...

hanagub is an ilonggo term for dusk right? I would raise my hand as not being "affected" by the twilight phenomenon. I don't like vampires, i would rather watch elves, fairies and unicorns. BTW, i've added on the Byterslair

mimi said...


yes... that's how we call twilight right? limtan ko na kung ina gid ang term.

i'm a bit strange about this. i like reading about weird creatures but not to the core. i love elves and fairies too! ^_^

i do believe in fairies.. i do.. i do! [remember the movie?]

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