Feb 27, 2010

may you rest in peace lolo Resting

Lolo Resting was not an affectionate person, but he would show his love by setting up a swing just for me on the trunk of a mango tree. I spent ample time there wondering why things happen in unfortunate ways. I learned how to love the wind as it brushes against my skin. I also learned how to overcome my fear of heights and most especially, I learned how to appreciate nature.

He would also bathe me and my cousin in the water pump (bomba in Bisaya) because we don't have Maynilad or whatever commercialized water connection they had in Capiz when we were kids. He was the one who came to my school when I was in 3rd grade because someone repeatedly hit me on the head. I don't know who the woman was. We later found out that she was out of her mind.

Music was the only thing I knew he enjoyed doing. He could play a piano by the ears (without formal lesson), celendron, guitar, etc. In short, marunong siya manipra (sipra is the term used for the process of listening to a song and be able to play it using an instrument without the use of chords). I think his kids and apos got this talent from him.

Lolo showed his love in his own ways. I can still remember vividly the last day of my deceased brother on earth. He brought him to the barber shop and came home with a fever. The next day, my brother died. Good thing, he was sent to heaven with a nice haircut.

Who would forget the smell of his pamada (it's like a hair gel)? I grew up with it and honestly, I hate the smell! Grrr... I don't understand that smell. Another funny thing with him is that you can tease him to give you money. We, his grandkids, would beg money from him na parang lambing lang. We'd buy ice cream or pizza and he would laugh and tease us because of the way how we beg him.

I know lolo was prepared to be sent in heaven. He was diffrent when we left Capiz. He cried. I haven't seen him cry in my entire life. Yun na pala yun.

*lo, wala da beer! regards to my little bro... we will miss you...

[thank you mags for helping me...]