Jan 27, 2009

sun down

I took this picture beside MOA. There's a little obstruction from an
unknown's arm... di ako makadiskarte sa sun.. ^_^

"I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun"
~Jacob on Eclipse


Sidney said...

Wow...beautiful sunset...gorgeous colors!

Dennis Villegas said...

I miis Manila bay, should go there one of these days.

You have a wonderful shot here mimi. The colors are fantastic. Ganda talaga.

Photo Cache said...

I think the "obstruction" you mentioned here only creates more interest in your photo. It's a wonderful sunset. I can't remember if I have even witnessed a sunset in Manila Bay in all the time I was studying there :(

the donG said...

always beautiful! no maqtter what the obstruction is. unless it's just all clouds.

i think it was already six months ago when i last took a shot of the sunset there.

kc cordero said...

maybe i'm in a naughty mode today while looking at your photo, but the image at the left looks like a— well, nevermind! :)

paoruiz said...

i think the arm made the photo more interesting. =) kala ko nga sinadya mo. =) ganda. =)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sunset! I love the colors of the sky and the way the sun's rays cast its light unto the sea. Ang lapit lang ng Roxas Boulevard sa akin. I have to visit the place more.

backpacking philippines said...

i just love orange means it'll be a good day the morrow

mimi said...

to sidney:
thank you!

to dennis:
opo! maganda parin doon mag shoot...

to photo cache:
thanks! hope you can visit the place again... they've done a lot of changes.

to dong:
maybe i should agree no that the obstruction made the difference on the pic...

to kc:
hmmm.... yeah never mind... siguro naging abstract ang dating..

to pauruiz:
andaming tao noon.. di talaga ako maka pwesto at di ko rin kaya umakyat sa malaking wall...

to dyosa:
thanks! kung malapit lang ako baka lagi ako doon..

to tutubi:
opo, the sun will come out tomorrow sabi ni annie.

goldensparks said...

Hi friend.. Nice and interesting post.. Great pic.. DO find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Also i have added you to my blog roll.. Hop you too will do the same.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

mimi said...

to sparim:

sure... i'll add you.. thanks!

i am nobe. said...

ganda! :)

p.s. ganda rin nung quote. can't wait for new moon!