Jan 9, 2009


Being born having a congenital sweet tooth I can’t resist making some desserts for the indulgence of our new year. It wasn’t my first time to make a ref cake but this is another experiment with the strawberry flavor because I added a “raspberry” gelatin powder [just to add more berry berry taste] and a bottle of strawberry jam.


backpacking philippines said...

it's the strawberry i will eat. don't have a sweet tooth :(

the donG said...

nice shot! i too like the new blog format that you're using.

keep the beautiful photos coming.

mimi said...

to tutubi:
awww.. it's ok! sometimes i wish i'm not that so into this sweetness thing.

to dong:
thank you! glad you liked it.

IA. said...

Hi there! Just bloghopping.

I can't help but comment...this treat just looks delightful!

paoruiz said...

This looks tasty. =)

mimi said...

to ia and pau:


carlotta said...

wow looks like a great-tasting experiment! mahilig din ako sa sweets :D

belated happy new year pala! =)

mimi said...

to carlota:
apir... masarap talaga matamis! ^_^

same to you!

punky said...

ui ang charap niyan! patikim naman! hehe..

hector_olympus said...

i do appreciate the photos.

sana magkaroon din ako ng talent sa pagkuha nang tamang anggulo.

mimi said...

to punky:
sure sure.. hehe

to hector:
opo! kaya nyo yan... basta simulan nyo po i try.. diretso na un.. ^_^