May 26, 2009


I have the tendency of being a “turtle”… sometimes I lurk and sometimes I make my self present in everything, social gathering, get together, internet matters and etc. Some have noticed I am not roaming around the cyber space again and my absence made them sort of worried… I am thankful and feel blessed having those people… (andrama) ^_^

In God’s grace I’m getting better and hoping to cope up with everything… I am hopeful that I will be back on the circulation sooner! With the help of my family, close friends and the magic of the science of medicine. I feel so blessed that I’m on my way to the journey I was looking (searching) for ages to appreciate the beauty of this complicated and challenging world.

I think I was really born to visit different hospitals from time to time. When I was a child I can’t count how many times I was admitted and treated with different illness with lots of needles and antibiotics… (most of it I cant remember)… from acute laryngotracheobronchitis, tonsillitis (that was suspected leading to rheumatic heart that’s why I have to be injected every month with a painful needles and sticky fluid to prevent it!!!), gastritis, gastroenteritis, allergic rhinitis, allergies (etc), amoebiasis, anemia, astigmatism with near-sightedness, bitten by a dog, bitten by a cat. whew! These are just few of the tragedies I’ve gone through… and I am still alive! Glad I found out what I have right now is neither fatal nor contagious… amen!

As what they’ve said “No pain no gain”… but I lose weight and did not gain!!! Hehe… good thing!

I guess I’m not immune being on earth.. just kidding.. ^_^ I might be healthy living on Mars… Just this month I got a flu vaccine (thanks to my mom who injected me), just in case…you know, the immunity thing…

Have a wonderful life everyone! ^_^


kc cordero said...

kain ka lang lagi ng prutas, gulay, karne at inom ng gatas. saka medyo magpapawis kahit konti at least two times a week okey na. mahalaga ang kalusugan... ingatan. :)

the donG said...

take your time mimi. we'll be here to drop by when you're back. be healthy.

backpacking philippines said...

so that's why...hope you come back soon

linkmoko said...

try to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits with vitamin c para iwas sakit.