Jan 4, 2009


Today “we” are celebrating the feast of epiphany or the feast of the three wise men. They were the men who journeyed to see the Messiah in Bethlehem and offered some presents.

Our Stars… and on getting lost.

Sometimes no matter how eager we are to follow the rules and no matter how we tried to walk in the right track still we get lost. We have tried so hard to follow the stars, but then…

In those personal catastrophes, when no one is lighting our path and we thought no one is lighting it we felt so miserable... helpless… But in those instances when we thought we’re in the abyss of darkness we just forget that the star is still there... lighting our path.. Waiting for us to stand up again after we fell on our knees and follow it just like what the three Magi did who continued the journey despite of everything.

As the writer of the Impossible Dream said:

“This is my quest… to follow the stars.. no matter how hopeless no matter how far…”

*I never thought this lyric is somewhat a religious and at the same time political.


mikoolet said...

Hahaha. Ganda! Apir! Political! Pagpupugay! Taas kamao! Oh carried away n.. Peace! Jejeje..

mimi said...

to miko:

maki baka.. maki baka! ^_^ uy buhay pa avatar pic mow! thanks!