Oct 17, 2007


"Personal Legend is what you have always wanted to accomplish.. .And, when
you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it ..."
-The Alchemist

[may nagdonate na naman ng matamis - salamat kay sir leo - tataba ako lalo sa kumpanyang ito.. ^_^]


Maggie said...

wah! wala ako kahapon, ano yan?!

mimi said...

to maggie:

heheh gummy candies... ^_^ pinamahagi ni sir leo.

Senor Enrique said...

Is that you, Mimi?

I love The Alchemist -- read it twice. Still, I'd browse throught it every now and then and pick a page at random to read beaofre going to sleep.

That quote, by the way, has traces of Joseph Campbells thoughts on following one's bliss.

Ferdz said...

I've always believed in that saying din. I've read that book and enjoyed it. hehe katuwa naman yung expression sa picture.

mimi said...

to senior:

yep, it's me.. ^_^

joseph campbell... hmmm.. na paresearch ako about him..

a mythologist! thanks po sa trivia senior enrique! you reminds me of "morrie" from mitch albom's book..

to ferdz:

pinagsiksikan ang face ko.. ^_^

tutubi said...

ang cute

iskoo said...

inggit ako, ako nag ca crave sa matamis lalo na kung bigay lang, hehe

mimi said...

to tutubi:
taynks! ^_^

to iskoo:
yep, sarap kainin ung bigay bigay lang kahit onte lang... ^_^

carlotta said...

hehe nagulat ako dun nung nagload na ang pic ah! nice! =)

mimi said...

to carlotta:

hahaha.. mukhang mumu!