Feb 14, 2008

black valentines.... 2cor 13:4-7

"why tell the thing if no one believes you anyway....."
~Bro. Cris A.

got this from his shoutout..
so true.. why tell nga naman diba? it's just a waste of time...

happy valentines!!!

"oh laugh is in the hair..."


Sidney said...

Black Valentine's Day.... that is a bit sad!
Anyway, enjoy the day!

Maggie said...

hmm... hmm... hmm...

hapi heart's day mimsicle! ;)

It's good to shut up sometimes. - Marcel Marceau

carlotta1924 said...

so how was your valentine's? =) for some reason halos lahat kami dito sa office nakablack nun hahaha =)

mimi said...

to sidney: i enjoyed! ^_^

to mags: tnx tnx!

to carlota: uso talaga!

tutubi philippines said...

sure was a black valentines for the people there