Aug 7, 2008

The beginning is about to start

To die in order to live.
Just left my job a week ago and it wasn’t the way I wanted to end it. To cut the story short I left earlier regardless of the date I planned to leave and some other other reasons.
I can’t say it was a happy ending, but I am satisfied with the decision I made. I am thankful and blessed having those people who believed me and supported me for the nth time. The company influenced me a lot and taught me a lot of things. Who can resist the mac book pro, up to the gadgets.. dual screens and etc they lent me.. It was my dream job though…
But the time had come and I need to bid my goodbye.
And…. Thizizit… a new shift. new journey, new path.. going solo… oh wish me luck or pray for me on this new venture. Salamat!
*Took this pic during our retreat / 8th annive of my youth org in tagaytay


the donG said...

nice shot! that's sad to know. but if thru that decision you'll gain more peace then it may be the right and best decision.

good luck on the new journey.

myepinoy said...

Life has a way of taking us in many directions.

Good Luck!

Senor Enrique said...

I'm sure you'll do well in your next adventure, Mimi :)

By the way, great photographs! The "bended" rose is wonderful.

mimi said...

thank you so much!

hector_olympus said...

we all make our own destiny.

hindi naman kasi tayo makaka experience nang mga bagong bagay kung gagawin pa rin natin ang mga dati nating ginagawa.

mimi said...

to hector:
indeed!!!just like what obama said:
CHANGE! thanks so much!!! ^_^