Aug 10, 2008


Life isn't life without pain, without hardship, without sacrifice. In a human life you need those things in order to live, in order to survive.

This rose is still a rose even it is bended. Maybe its stalk can't handle the weight of its petals but it is still a rose.

A beautiful Rose.

*By the way, Once in a while I'll be featuring blogs / sites here for a change, not
just by posting pictures with a quotations from the mountain ranges of Tralala.. ^_~

For a start here's Mr. Skitepolis, he just started in blogspot… He writes well with his crazy pen and dull mind according to him. You might want to know him more or add him up on your blogroll and give him a smile by commenting on his entries.

"…after all, blogging is a way of expressing once self. "


Ferdz said...

True.. a rose is still a rose even when it is bent. And nicely shot as well mimi

the donG said...

maybe the petals are getting heavier or the stem withers.

myepinoy said...

Or just the camera angle... ha ha ha

mimi said...

to all: maybe.. ^_^ thank you!