Nov 4, 2008

for macky

... teh rabbit of Maggie and Pareng James



Sidney said...

That is cute and beautiful...

Maggie said...

rofCmao... *heartbroken*

macky was a reminder na lahat ng bagay na meron tyo sa mundong ibabaw, hiram lang.

popcorn said...

simple candles pero ang ang ganda ng presentation. how do you make that candle holder mukhang tao?

comment from: Popcorns and Opinions

tutubi said...

nice. i really should be exploring more of our hobby to improve my pics

will try lighting and stil life :P

the donG said...

really beautiful. i like how the light fades while the figure also blends with darkness.

Anonymous said...

Once again, hauntingly beautiful. I especially love the unique candle holder.

mimi said...

to sidney:
thank you!!!

to mags:
opo... ~_~

to popcorn:
di po ako ang gumawa...

to tutubi:
i'll wait for your post!

to dong:
thank you!!!

Gita Asuncion said...

wow naman! i love this shot! it is beautiful! so dramatic! ang ganda!

jhennypie said...

hey mimi! thanks for dropping by sa blog ko, medyo inaalikabok na hehe ndi ko na nadadalaw yun eh :)

nice shot! :)

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

jst drop n say hi to u this sunday!

mimi said...

to jhen:
post po kayo ulet!
thank you po sa pagdalaw ulet!

to richie:
thanks for dropping by!