Nov 25, 2008

upon my feet

Even though at times... I'd rather go alone my way...
*line from Lead me Lord


Maggie said...

I have a few points for you Mee:

1. to each his own... *apir* la sila care. you don't have to explain anything. remember: NEVER EXPLAIN. Your friends (the real ones) don't need it & your enemies won't believe you, let alone listen.

2. d ba nga, God is like a thief in the night. in this case, it's not your life (or a loved one's) that He took but something that you have held on dear to - your character.

pero mi, remind lang kita. be a blessing to these people. ibigay mo everything mo. yaan mo tapakan nila pagkatao mo. yep, maybe test nga 'to para sayo. PERO

ang mga meron, lalo pa magkakaron. ang mga wala, lalong mawawalan. this thing which God has taken from you, actually indi Niya nikuha. He is only DEVELOPING your faith! *apir*

3. lastly, BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ARE PERSECUTED. oh 'di ba?! *apir*

*HUGS* wubs joo meemeetoot! ^_^

the donG said...

hoping that everything is going fine mimi.